Department First Name Last Name Position Email Phone
Administration Sloan Griffin, III Mayor (803) 754-0501
Administration Carroll Williamson Town Administrator (803)-754-0501
Administration Daniel Stines Assistant Town Administrator (803) 754-0501
Administration Sharon Durst Town Clerk (Business Licenses) (803) 754-0501
Administration Kirk Wilson Building & Zoning Analyst (Permits) (803)-754-0501
Administration Julie Emory Human Resources & Finance Director (803) 754-0501
Doko Manor Kristi Coggins Events and Conference Center Director (Doko Manor/Park) (803) 724-6305
Doko Manor Johna Sutton Events and Conference Center Director Assistant Manager (Doko Manor/Park) (803)-724-6305
Maintenance Jason Moseley Maintenance Supervisor (803) 754-0501
Maintenance Lee Riley Maintenance Engineer (803)-754-0501
Maintenance Ronnie Gardner Maintenance Engineer (803) 754-0501