Why do I need a business license? 

When do I need a business license? 

How much does a business license cost, and what do I need to have or do to obtain one?

How do I know which licensing jurisdiction I need to visit to obtain my business license? 

How do I find out in which licensing jurisdiction my business is located?

If I am moving my business to a new location, do I need a new business license?

Are any businesses exempt from Blythewood's business license requirement?

If I am buying a business that already has a business license, do I need to get a business license myself? 

Am I located within the Town of Blythewood limits?

What is the phone number for the Department of Motor Vehicles?

What is the phone number for the Post Office? 

How do I report a pothole? 

How do I report missing/damaged street signs? 

Who can I call in Richland County regarding trash pickup, voting, taxes, etc.?   

Is there an ordinance about cutting down trees? 

Do I need a permit to build an outbuilding? 

Do I need a license to paint? 

Are there certain colors that a resident can paint the exterior of  a building?

Do contractors outside of Blythewood need a business license and/or contractor's license? 

When is the Christmas Tree Lighting? 

When is the Christmas Parade? 

Is the old Community Center available for rent?

Is Doko Meadows Park available for small birthday parties?

Are grills and bounce houses allowed at Doko Meadows Park?

Is there a lost and found? 

Do Blythewood residents pay property taxes?

When/where is the Blythewood Farmer's Market?