Blythewood Road Projects

Blythewood Road/Langford Road intersection
The Town of Blythewood has partnered with the Central Midlands Council of Governments to carry out a study of the Blythewood Road and Langford Road intersection to explore the options for improving traffic flow and reducing congestion at peak periods. The study will take several months to complete and is expected to be published in May, 2018. 

Blythewood Road Widening
The Richland Penny project to widen Blythewood Road between Muller Road and I-77 is about 30% complete. The engineering team is currently carrying out essential survey work that will be used to prepare detailed proposals for public discussion at the end of 2017.

Highway 21/Wilson Boulevard
The work required to restore the road going past Lake Elizabeth is now in progress and a completion date for re-opening Highway 21 and access to I-20 is April 30th, 2018, according to SCDOT latest estimates.

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Richland County Transportation Penny Program

Richland Penny ReportsBlythewood Road Widening Project October 20, 2016 Meeting

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