Roads Update

Blythewood Road Area Improvements
The proposed scope recommends roadway improvements in the Blythewood Road area specific to a prioritized listing as provided by the Town of Blythewood.
• Priority #1- Widen and improve McNulty Street from Main Street to Blythewood Road;
• Priority #2- Widen, extend and improve Creech Road from Blythewood Road to Main Street;
• Priority #3- Widen and improve Blythewood Road from I-77 to Main Street;
• Priority #4- Widen and improve Blythewood Road from Syrup Mill to Fulmer Road

Public Status –
Creech Rd: Preliminary plans 95%, ROW plans 85%, construction plans 5%. McNulty St: Preliminary plans 100%, ROW plans 99%, construction plans 60%.

Activities since last period:
A meeting was held on 2/24/21 to discuss commercial development and how that will impact the drainage along Creech Rd Extension. There was also discussion concerning the need for a public meeting to present typical sections to the area residents. ROW plans on the McNulty St Improvement Project were forwarded to Richland County on 1/20/21 for them to begin acquisition. P&P included the 3 comment matrices provided by SCDOT from an earlier review of the preliminary plans. Those plans have been forwarded to SCDOT for review. OET work towards completing 30% plans.

Blythewood Road Widening
The proposed scope recommends a 5-lane (4 travel lanes with a center turn lane) improvement from I-77 west to Syrup Mill Road. Provisions for bicycle and pedestrian accommodation are proposed through construction of offset, shared-
use paths. This project also includes a double-lane roundabout at the intersection of Community Road and Cobblestone. Leftover funds from Blythewood Area Improvements will be moved over to cover the shortage on this project once approved by County Council.

Public Status – Design is 98% complete and ROW Acquisition is 70% complete. Right of way negotiations are ongoing for the remaining properties. A service order modification for bidding and construction phase services is on-hold awaiting ROW resolutions.

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