Residential Building Permit Guidelines


All General & sub-contractors must have a current year business license & required permits, plans must be submitted, reviewed & approved and a tree survey & permit must be approved, BEFORE work commencement.

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1)   The general contractor should submit two (2) sets of the construction plans.  One of those drawings will be returned when permit is pulled with any corrections the building official has made.  There is a fee of $25 for plans review in addition to the permit fee.  No work may be done until the plans are reviewed and approved.   A tree survey and permit must be approved.

2)   Once the plans are approved a building permit is completed and submitted.  Required information for the permit includes:

a)   911 Address

b)   Tax Map Number

c)   Square footage (heated & unheated)

d)   Cost of Construction (which should at least equal $60/sq ft.)

e)   Cost of Construction for unheated should be at least $25/sq. ft.

The permit fee will be calculated according to the Town of Blythewood fee schedule and is based on the cost of construction.

3)   A list of the subcontractors and their contract amounts must accompany the building permit application.

4)   A contractor’s business license should be completed and submitted along with the building permit.  If the general contractor has already applied for a license under a previous permit, an amended license form must be filled out.  The contractor’s business license fee is based off the total construction cost.  Subcontract amounts cannot be deducted when calculating the license fee.

5)   All subcontractors are required to obtain a contractor’s business license based upon the value of their contract amount.  If the subcontractor has already applied for a license under a previous permit, an amended license form must be filled out.  Certificate of occupancies will not be issued for a project until the general contractors and all subcontractors licenses are on file.

6)   Inspections called in during regular business hours will be done within 2 business days.  Please call Town Hall at (803) 754-0501 to schedule inspections.   If the contractor needs to speak with the inspector; call Town Hall, leave name and number and the inspector will return call.

Applying for a Building Permit triggers the following required inspection process:

a)   Footing *

b)   Saw Pole (should be in place at the time of the footing inspection, if not, this will be done at the foundation inspection)

c)   Foundation *

d)   Slab * (any plumbing or electrical)

e)   Rough-in * (framing, plumbing, electrical, mechanical and gas)

f)   Insulation *

g)   Electrical Release is not included in the standard inspection process and will be an additional $45 inspection fee.

h)   Final *

* Included in building permit fee

Should the result of a routine inspection fail to meet the current building code standards, an additional inspection will be necessary.  The fee for a re-inspection is $45 and must be paid prior to issuing the Certificate of Occupancy.

Upon completion of construction with the approval of all inspections, zoning requirements and fees paid in full, the Town Clerk will issue the Certificate of Occupancy.