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Proposed Park & Ride

20170621-Mayor Ross proposing Park & Ride at COMET
Mayor J. Michael Ross addressed the Comet Transportation Board meeting last Wednesday, June 21st.  He proposed that a ‘Park and Ride” program be established in Blythewood.   
The Park & Ride will provide a convenient and cost effective option for commuters who desire transportation to downtown Columbia during the workweek.  Commuters will park their cars at Doko Meadows Park in the morning and will be transported to work in downtown Columbia.  The Park & Ride bus would return in the evening after work.  This will lower the number of vehicles on the road, help with the congestion and mitigate air quality problems. The first week of operation the rides will be free to encourage residents to try it out. 
We would love to hear from any Blythewood residents interested in commuting with the Park & Ride bus system.
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