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Comet Service Changes across the service area including the Northeast

Comet logo resizeMay 7th 2018 Service Changes across the service area including the Northwest, Northeast, and Southeast

 The COMET is required to reduce the number of service hours by 4,900 to stay within their budget for the 2019 fiscal year and beyond.  Service will be restructured to add service to the northeast (Killian Road).  These changes will impact nearly every route within the system.  Most routes will see only schedule changes, but several will also have a route change. 

The notable changes include: 


Route 16: Two Notch,  Name change to 501.  M-F: Ends earlier at 10:55pm. Hourly after 7:00pm.

 Route 52X:  Blythewood.  M-F: Added one trip at 6:10am starting from Transit Center.  Now serves industrial park on Wilson / Farrow Rd.  $2.50 fare or 31-day cards only.

 Route 53X: Killian Express.  Express service from Transit Center to Columbia Place Mall, Killian Walmart.  $2.50 fare or 31-day cards only.  M-F: 12 hourly trips 5:50-9:50am, 12:50-2:50pm, 3:30-4:25pm, 4:50-9:50pm. 

Route 55: Sandhill.  Converts to a local route between Columbia Place Mall and The Village at Sandhill.  M-F: Hourly from 6:30am to 10:30pm.  WE: Hourly from 7:30am to 9:30pm.

 Route 57L: Killian/Clemson Road Local.  New local service from Killian Walmart to Sandhills via Clemson Road, Summit Pkwy.  M-F: 11 hourly trips with midday break, 6:30-10:27am, 1:30-3:27pm, 4:30-9:27pm.  Sa: 8:30am – 8:30pm Su: No service.