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Half Price 31-Day Comet Fare Cards on Sale Now!

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Half Price 31-Day Comet Fare Cards on Sale Now!

The COMET will be selling 31-day fare cards for half price as a summer special from May 1, 2018 through July 31, 2018.  
Regular 31-day cards will cost $20 and half pass fare cards (for seniors, Medicare card holders, persons with disabilities, veterans, and youth) will cost $10.  
There is no limit to the number of cards the public may purchase and the cards do not expire.  Half price 31-day cards are available only at the Transit Center at 1780 Sumter Street in downtown Columbia and on The COMET’s smartphone app on Android and Apple phones. 
In the summer of 2015 The COMET offered the same promotion to encourage ridership in a generally slow time of year and the response 
was significant: year-over-year increases for May, June, and July, respectively, were 38%, 36%, and 34%.  This year The COMET 
is introducing two express routes in May.  These premium services require a premium fare of $2.50 per trip, but 31-day cards are also accepted.  
Half price 31-day cards will provide a low-cost opportunity for riders to use these new services to the Killian Road Walmart and Harbison area.  
The board of directors approved the promotion at the April board meeting. 
 For more information on The COMET, please visit or contact Tiffany James at