Licenses and Forms

2019 Business License
(Expires December 31, 2019)
Contractors Use Form Below

2019 Contractors Business License
(Expires December 31, 2019)

2019 Contractor Add-On License Application
* Required for every job that requires any permit, even if permit is no charge.

Building Permit Form
* Required for every job where building "footprint" is changed or added

Sub-Contractors List
* Required for every job where subcontractors will be used 

Electrical Permit Form *

HVAC Permit Form *

Gas Fired Equipment Permit *

Plumbing Permit Form*
* The above four (4) permits are no cost, but do require a New or Existing Blythewood Contractor's Business License AND an Add-On License. (There is a charge for the Add-On License and New Business License)

Lookup Business License Rate Classes

Residential Building Permit Guidelines

Storm Water & Water Quality Design Manual
Ordinance No. 2011.002 adopted 5/23/11

BAR Forms

 BZA Forms

Planning Commission Forms 

Accommodation Tax Remittance Form
(Due 20th, Penalty Due if received on or after 21st)

Hospitality Tax Remittance Form
(Due 20th, Penalty Due if received on or after 21st)

A-Tax Committee Request for Funding

Sign Permit Application

Zoning Permit Application

Employment Application

Pet License Application
Please direct all questions regarding animal control to Richland County at 803-576-2461.